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MBA in Economics

Over the last 20 years, FAME subjects (finance, accounting, management, and economics) have established themselves among the most famous choices for graduate-level students across the planet. So why choosing an MBA in economics is beneficial?

For those not familiar with the subject, economics is a social science concerned with the analysis of every factor that can impact the consumption, distribution, and production of goods/services. This comprises looking at goods/services from the perspective of economic agents, that is, buyers and sellers and the market (both macro and microeconomics). This subject also includes aspects of other social sciences, like international studies and sociology, and draws upon statistics and mathematics.

The main distinction between studying economics at postgraduate and undergraduate levels is the extent of mathematical sophistication required of the student. Certain schools provide preparatory courses in statistics and mathematics for students wishing to do MBA in economics but don’t have a strong background in mathematics. Applicants should also be ready to pursue independent research, using complicated statistical data, have a background in quantitative and qualitative research methods, and be interested in studying social issues.

MBA in Economics Prep

Our MBA economics prep program is the most famous of each of our programs. Section by section, we cover every skill tested in the entrance exam of MBA economics. At MBA Educator, we offer preparation services through a team of dedicated and highly competent instructors and staff. Through its preparation services division, MBA Educator prepares students for admission tests of MBA economics. To accomplish our targets, we have kept MBA Educator class sizes to a bare minimum.